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Ciampigroup’s team of economists and industry experts research and analyze economic, demographic and government statistics so you don’t have to. Our analysis helps you make smarter decisions, faster.

Industry Research Reports

Comprehensive, astute and easy to digest, Ciampigroup’s industry research reports offer the very latest content on every U.S. industry. Each report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and forecast performance, major industry participants and more.

Industry Risk Rating Reports

Ciampigroup’s industry risk rating determines how much risk an industry will face over the next 18 months by assessing the operating conditions for companies in the industry. Unlike traditional risk models that use historical information, our analysts use a sophisticated process to create a forward-looking picture. Our risk rating is a numerical score that you can instantly understand and translate into opportunities, or threats, relevant to your unique trading environment. Each report contains a high level of analysis to support each score component.

Many models of business risk, lending and strategic planning are based on financial statement analysis, because business and academic literature shows that company-level factors reflected in financial statements can explain about 80% of the variation in company profits. The rest can be explained by industry conditions — and understanding your industry’s conditions is what Ciampigroup is known for.

Ciampigroup’s industry risk rating reports are intended to be used alongside financial statement analysis to provide a full forward-looking picture for strategic planners, bankers and aspiring industry entrants.

Global Industry Research Reports

The global economy presents its own set of opportunities and threats for businesses in a range of industries. Our 75 global industry reports offer the same clear and up-to-date forecasts and analysis as our U.S. reports, but instead focus on industry performance in key regions like Europe, the Middle East, Africa and more.

Each report consists of 30 to 40 pages of key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, major industry participants and more. These features, plus our must-read five-year forecasts, help you make more informed business decisions in less time.

Ciampigroup also offers in-depth Australian, U.K. and Chinese industry research reports to keep you abreast of activity in our major trade partners — now and in the future.

Business Environment Reports

Every industry faces a set of variables outside its control that have a material effect on industry performance. These factors, which include exchange rates, commodity prices, consumer attitudes, weather conditions, government policies among others are covered by our extensive range of business environment reports. Understanding these factors makes it easier to predict trends for your business and competitors.

So, what are the key factors outside the control of your organization that determine the performance of your industry? Find out in our brief summaries within our industry research reports, or use our business environment reports as a supplement to acquire a deeper understanding of these trends. Our two-to-three-page business environment reports provide insights into all the demographic, environmental and business trends that you can’t afford to ignore.

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