CRM And E-Marketing Campaigns

An E-marketing or online marketing campaign is rapidly becoming a key element of any marketing strategy. It combines perfectly with other forms of traditional marketing such as TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards and any other direct activities. Effective management of e-marketing however will rely on the right technology. By using a customer relationship management system or CRM software you can develop a central repository of customer information. Over time you can quickly build a detailed profile of your clients and begin to understand the products or services that interest them.

The key to choosing the right CRM solution is to have a clear understanding of your business requirements, particularly as it relates to sales, marketing and customer service. With a solution in place and a growing database of customer knowledge your E-marketing initiatives can be very targeted. At the same time, all your customer data can be made available company wide and provide a single view of all the activities and responses you have with each client. If you have multiple contacts within the same organization you can also bring that together to create a broad picture of interests across that business.

E-marketing allows you to firstly capture and then analyse information about customers. It enables you to determine how well your campaigns are working specific to individuals and companies. Through email or internet analytics you can quickly determine the effectiveness of a campaign and make adjustments accordingly. Measuring whether or not an email is opened is the first step but actually knowing that your message has been read is a major benefit to understanding your customer. Having the right amount of information that is easily read or scanned together with a link that can be clicked back to your website for more detailed information will give you distinct knowledge of the relevance of your message.

E-marketing allows you to personalize your messages, make them engaging and create a virtual bond between you and your contacts.

Over time with more information gathering you can start to plan targeted campaigns and manage them more effectively. From a marketing and sales perspective you can generate better quality leads and then qualify them more precisely. You are then able to combine more effectively your other campaigns such as events and seminars and target individuals based on their responses to E-marketing. In fact if you have partnerships with other companies you can have very effective joint marketing campaigns that are highly relevant and much broader than you could do on your own.

The technology available today helps considerably. For example Microsoft CRM software allows you to manage your customer relationships across many divisions of your company including sales, marketing and customer service. A growing number of small to medium-sized companies are using a cost-effective web-based CRM solution and are competing effectively with larger organisations.

Using the technology available to you such as analytical tools and combining this with an easy to use customer relationship management system will give you the control you need for effective online marketing campaigns.

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